Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remember DOS?

You may be too young to remember DOS but way back before the windows operating system, DOS WAS the only operating system!

If my memory serves me correctly, when using DOS you had only a very limited amount of memory called "conventional memory" (640KB RAM) and resources to work with. You had to manually program in anything that you wanted to be programmed in. There was a special kind of coding language that you had to learn just to be able to program in DOS! I still have very fond memories of working with DOS and its something that I don't think I'll forget - mainly because I still have so much workbooks and manuals that have to do with DOS. I just can't throw them away. Maybe I'm just too sentimental. Also DOS has a command-line interface meaning you had to enter specific commands and wait for the computer to respond. Any graphics at that time were called "shells." You had to virtually memorize all the DOS commands to effective use and managed the DOS operating system. In those days the designers who made computers thought that 640KB of RAM was a lot of memory then. To change the DOS bootup and environment you had to be able to efficiently and effectively edit the config.sys and autoexec.bat files which were considered to be part of the boot files since they played the important roles of the DOS boot and environment. Any mistakes in altering these files could result in lockup and no booting period.

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