Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of Course Not Everybody Has A Computer

Of course that is one of the reasons that I am here!

Computers have come down a lot in price over the past two years.

You can get a good computer for under $1000 and you can get a good laptop
for about the same amount of money. When buying a computer the first thing you should consider is what are you going to do with it. If your'e a power user then you will want a very powerful system which has its RAM and hard drive as big as possible. In addition the FSB (front side bus) should be very fast, at least 800MHZ. The processor should be as fast as possible with the latest and biggest cache (L1, L2, and L3) on the processor die as possible. It should also have a modem, sound card, network card, USB1 and/or USB2 ports/1394 ports/serial/parallel ports, etc. It is a lot to consider when buying power systems. Finally you may want to take a look at the motherboard to see if you can overclock the processor or front side bus (FSB). Bear in mind be careful when overclocking. We will talk about this later because overclocking is a delicate process and is left to advanced users. Can you upgrade the operating system, etc., etc. There is a lot to consider.

You can even get some good deals on used computers BUT make sure that
it is a good deal that you are getting. How do you do this? We will talk about this more later as well.

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