Thursday, July 26, 2007

What Do You Use Your Computer For?

Here is a link to a very interesting article asking and polling people as to what they use their computer for. So far it seems that the majority of people use their computer for email.

Of course there are other answers as well. People use their computers for all types of things - one of them being to download music - which was also a very popular choice.

However downloading music has it bad side! It could be construed that the music one downloads is being illegally downloaded thereby denying artists of their copyrighted benefits. This has been and continues to be heated debated.

Some artists like Madonna have managed to "catch" some people in the act of downloading her music. In Madonna's case when one of her songs is downloaded instead of the song you get a voice message from Madonna basically chastizing you for illegally downloading her music!

For others like myself we use our computers for all sorts of things! Of course I use my computer for email but I also use it for surfing the Internet and I do a lot of offline things as well.

So what do you use your computer for?

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