Monday, October 8, 2007

Thank You For Helping Me!

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I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my CD-Rom problem! We get so attached to our computers and we have everything in place just the way we like it and its perfect for us and then something goes wrong! In my case it was my CD-Rom.

I have had my computer for so long now that I hate to have to change anything about it but unfortunately I do have to change something now. At least I have worked on my computer before so it won't be an entirely new thing to me but it is just such a hassle to have to actually go inside my computer to change something.

On the bright side, even if I do have to get a new CD-Rom at least the price of them aren't too high - as compared to how much CD-Roms costed a few years ago.

Like I discussed with you before this may even be a good thing because you told me that I could even replace my old CD-Rom with a new one which could be a CD-RW! That's Great!

And it makes it worth it if I can have a CD-RW and do the "music" thing like you're doing!

Thank you again!

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